Critics are assholes. This includes me.

I was one of those vocal critics that were against the Olympics being held in Rio de Janeiro, when the host city was first selected in late 2009, mainly because I so wanted them to be held in my home city of Chicago.  And while I was foaming at the mouth (figuratively) for even the smallest of mishaps to occur in order to unleash a tiny amount of schadenfreude within, I’m actually very happy that the Rio Olympics have so far been going relatively smoothy.  And more importantly, I’m quite happy that so much of the existing infrastructure of the City and region has improved drastically in preparation of this global event:


 There are still innumerable issues that the city of Rio de Janeiro has to overcome in order to fully realize it’s potential, not to mention many more things to be done to make the entire region more accessible and egalitarian for all of it’s residents.  But when massive infrastructural changes start like this, and as expensive as these changes are, let’s hope the momentum continues, in order to silence even the stupidest of critics.  Including me. Congrats, Rio!!

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