I hope you have an extra pair of legs to make this trek.

captureCurrently well under way, the 3,000 mile (4,828 kilometers) Greenway trail will extend from northern Maine all the way down to Key West, Florida once fully complete.  According to the alliance/organization that is spearheading this massive undertaking, the Greenway “is the nation’s most ambitious long-distance urban trail. By connecting existing and planned shared-use trails, a continuous, traffic-free route is being formed, serving self-powered users of all abilities and ages.”
But wait, there’s more! Because an additional 2,000 miles (3,217 kilometers) of alternate routes/spurs will augment the main route, in case you REALLY want to torture your calves.  And thighs.  And soul.  But hey, you’ll see an incredible amount of the eastern seaboard, before climate change inundates a vast majority of this path as rising sea levels claim this part of the planet.  Have fun and take a few granola bars with you! Or 5,000.

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