This rocket test is amazing and beautiful..and more than a little terrifying in its clarity.

The genius inventors, scientists and all-around amazing human specimens at NASA have released video footage of what a rocket test engine’s power looks like via a new High Resolution camera.  The camera itself is referred to as a ‘High Dynamic Range Stereo X’, and operates in almost the same way that the HDR feature works for all higher-end DSLR cameras, from Canon to Nikon and anything in-between.  Here are some incredible images illustrating the power that such a massive rocket can release:


Credits: NASA
The image above shows a test of the Space Launch System Qualification Motor 2 test or, QM-2, without using any modifications.
Now, take a look at this:


 Credits: NASA
This is what the same test footage looks like with the snazzy new HiDyRS-X camera. It’s incredibly beautiful and for the first time appears to show very clearly the intensity of the fluid dynamics surrounding such a powerful rocket system.
But wait, there’s also video!!


Pretty stunning stuff, and as some other bloggers have mentioned, it almost looks too artificial, as if if was created via CGI.  Just don’t point it at your face.


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