The coolest maps you’ll see today.

If dinosaurs interest you (and who isn’t fascinated by them?), then you’ve also probably wondered where exactly fossils have been discovered around the United States, and even further out.  One person did just that, by mapping fossil discovery locations all around the lower 48 states and we have to say, they’re pretty damn cool.  Cason Clagg is a software developer who has spent A LOT of time piecing together fossil location digs and discoveries and in the process, laying the information on really beautiful maps, such as these:




 Both image credits: Cason Clegg/@casonclegg
An interesting question arises, related to natural resources we currently use: is there a direct correlation between the highest density of fossil discoveries and where we find resources such as crude oil?  A quick glance at both of these maps above and it isn’t difficult to deduce that there looks like the answer is yes.
Cason Clegg himself uses an even BIGGER database for his map designs: The Paleobiology Database, which charts all known fossil discoveries around the world:
Screengrab/Image credit: Paleobiology Database Navigator (PBDB)
Feel free to spend hours and hours going through Clegg’s gorgeous maps and sifting through the seemingly endless database as well.
And here’s another awesome link:

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