The Center of it All

If you are like us and have always wondered what the center of our Milky Way galaxy looks like, then you’ll love this little animation from a few years back.  It’s still very cool (with some snazzy ambient space tunes to boot!), that clearly shows the motion of the stars at the center of our galaxy in the constellation Sagittarius….but the best part about their motion is how it very clearly shows that they are orbiting something, and that something is a HUGE doozy: known as ‘Sagittarius A* (pronounced ‘Sagittarius A star’), it is super-massive black hole/singularity that essentially powers our entire galaxy, and nearly 4 MILLION times the mass of our own Sun, it’s got a lot of power to do so:


The 16 year study very carefully tracked the movement of the nearly 20 stars at the galaxy’s center, and very clearly showed that some of the stars were orbiting VERY rapidly around something extremely powerful, in this case a super-massive black hole.
It may not be the clearest video, but it’s still one of our favorites, and we think you’ll love it too!

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