Deleting your brain’s garbage is easy. Just sleep on it.

No, literally, just sleep on it!
The brain is a powerful tool…just think of how much of it isn’t used by most people in the world. Or most Americans who vote Republican.  The brain has the capacity to not only be used as a powerful tool for thought, comprehension, calculation, and imagination.  But like any functioning machine, it needs cleaning and maintenance.  The source for that is far closer than anyone can imagine, and all you have to do is to lie down and closer your eyes.
 Image credit: unknown.
Yes, sleeping is a fundamental part of keeping your brain healthy and functioning properly.  But not just restful sleep at night, between 7-8 hours as prescribed by most sleep pushers (doctors, teachers and moms).  10-20 minute naps also play a pivotal role in allowing certain cells in the brain reduce the amount of ‘junk’ information as carried by synapses that the brain doesn’t need.  This type of pruning action allow areas of the brain to be able to store more information and process that information more clearly and easily, as compared to just constantly trying to absorb more and more information.
Everyone loves naps, but now we now that they are an essential part of our daily brain function.  In fact, we think now is a good time for one ourselves.  Please leave, we’re napping.

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