Dreaming of the future

The 2015 Architecture Biennial in Chicago was the first of it’s kind devoted specifically to architectural design and conceptualization.  It was a huge hit, drawing in over 500,000 visitors to all of the exhibits from September 2015 until January 2016.  Now. the city of Chicago and various sponsors are planning a sequel, for 2017.  Entitled ‘Make New History’, the planned event will be organized and curated by Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, of Los Angeles-based Johnstonmarklee architects.


 Image courtesy: Johnstonmarklee/Archpaper
The exhibit, previously housed primarily at the Chicago Cultural Center, showcases forward thinking (and sometimes even bizarre, but breathtaking) design concepts for a variety of projects, typologies and sensibilities.
Head over to their page to read much more about what’s planned for next year, as well as highlights from the successful 2015 happening.

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