The LAST thing you should do is trust The Farmer’s Almanac.

It is still the Ides of August, and yet one of the most idiotic trending items (at least in the Midwest U.S.), is how the 2017 Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a terrible, horrible, no good winter that will freeze the tip of your nose off.  That happens every winter, here..what else is new?
But fret not, because frankly, the Almanac is pure bullshit.  Many professional meteorologists consider it useless, and you should do the same.  Even if it again snows 82 inches like it did between December 2013 and March 2014 in Chicago (which is highly dubious but one never knows), the fact of the matter remains that our weather IS predictable because of the angle of which whatever hemisphere you live in faces the Sun at a certain time of the year.  Yes, their called ‘seasons’, perhaps you’ve heard of them?  So save your Almanac-directed seven dollars and buy a few lottery tickets instead….so you can finally buy that house in Santa Barbara that you always dreamed of and rid yourself of the very predictable winters that come around. Every. Year.
Don’t believe me?


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