Rebuilding Detroit, one block at a time.

Americans love a great success story (who doesn’t?), especially when it involves succeeding from past failure, or allowing something that was once nearly dead the chance to thrive again.  When it comes to urban planning issues, both qualifiers above seemingly go hand-in-hand.

And this is most visible in the city of Detroit, which in the past has been used as a whipping boy/girl of sorts regarding how ‘Rustbelt’ cities have been decimated over the past 40-50 years because of terrible (read: bigoted and racist) urban planning initiatives that only served to further the agendas of those with money.  The realization comes far too late that such one-sided ideologies hurt everyone, with nothing to show but severe urban blight.

Fortunately, this has been changing ever so steadily in Detroit, as well as in other major urban cores throughout America.  Detroit’s situation is different in that large swaths of land are providing an almost literal blank slate, due to severely blighted conditions since the 1980s.  And what is being proposed in one neighborhood is nothing short of incredible:


Welcome to “City Modern” in the historic Brush Park neighborhood of west-central Detroit




(All image credits: ‘City Modern’ development website)

While this is a major development in a city that has sadly seen very few urban infill projects since the 60s, and will occur in phases, construction has already begun on one of the buildings in this new and very contemporary urban setting.  One of the loveliest aspects of this project is how the old, remaining Victorian era homes (at least the ones that are still standing) are being integrated into the area as part of the neighborhood; a nice little bridge between the old and the new.

Head over to the development website for a ton of additional information, as well as maps, timelines and more in-depth explanations of how everything will come together.


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