Digital buildings rising from the dust

The ancient city of Persepolis was the capital of the Achaemenid empire, over 2,500 years ago, in what is present-day Iran.  While it’s currently just a large pile of ruins, it’s still considered important enough to be designated a UNESCO heritage site, and still attracts many archeologists from around the world who want to unearth its buried secrets.

The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago is one of the leading museums and research centers in the world that is devoted to preserving, displaying and educating people about the history of the near East.  From ancient Egypt, all the way to the far ends of ancient Persia and Nubia, it’s a hub of archeological study and promotion of field research that has helped reconstruct so much of the ancient world that has been lost over thousands of years.

Due to their status (and endowment) as one of the most important centers of study in the world, U of C and in turn, the Oriental Institute are able to fund a large variety of incredible projects.  And one of those projects is a big one: completely recreating the city of Persepolis in a computer.

Click the incredible video to see just how massive the ancient city once was.  And head over to the Oriental Institute’s website for information on lectures, recent archeological digs, a catalogue of items in their collection and other great finds of interest for curious minds.


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