(Deliberately) Too Close For Comfort

…and we’re not referring to the weird sitcom from the 80’s set in San Franci…, um, never-mind.

What we ARE referring to is something far more interesting, and it’s occurring about 1 billion miles away, around the planet Saturn.  The Cassini space probe, which has been orbiting Saturn since 2004, is about to pass VERY CLOSE to Saturn’s rings, as it starts it’s final series of orbits…which will culminate when the probe itself flies into the planet in what is sure to be a spectacular death plunge.

Before that occurs, the probe’s travels by the rings will be pretty enthralling too, and Trenderfriend will be following the events as they occur, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, here’s a fun video explaining how that ring pass-through will occur:

Head over to Nasa’s Cassini page for more info on the next ring grazing orbit, as the probe gets closer and closer.

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