Please sit down. We need to talk…

…about interstellar travel, and how it may actually be possible.  Because, science!

Well yes, the guy in the video is somewhat annoying, but it’s a great concept nevertheless.  The concept of the ‘warp bubble’ has been endemic to the Star Trek franchise for decades, but now physicists are potentially on the verge of showing that this novel technology can actually work in the real world…and more importantly, ‘cheat’ in being able to travel faster than the speed of light, which is perhaps the most difficult and impassive universal thresholds.

With the Alcubierre drive however, there is no violation of traveling faster than the speed of light, because what’s actually happening in theory, is that vast amounts of energy are being created to actually fold space around you to be able to traverse long distances…ok, we know we lost you.  Just watch more of these:

Here’s is a better summary of the Alcubierre drive that can one day possibly get us off this deplorable world.


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